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Pros: Very sharp, fast, minimal distortion, no vignetting at least on 1.3x crop, don't miss any wide primes at all.
Cons: 82mm filters are expensive and you likely don't already have one, hood is pretty worthless and bulky.

Upgraded from a 17-40 4L, this is a bit better in every way... sharper, faster, weather sealing, nice MFD.

The go to lens for wide angle use, though not that great as a single walkaround lens. that's more of the 24-70 type lens anyways.

The 82mm filters are very expensive and it's annoying to not be able to share filters/caps with the more common 77mm and 72mm lenses.

Very sharp even at F2.8, don't feel that a 24mm 2.8 L is any sharper, in fact I thought mine wasn't as sharp so I sold it.
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Leehman Wexlin(non-registered)
Thank you for posting this information on the 16x35 f/2.8 11. Your photos are outstanding examples using this lens.
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